La La Land again

Another last minute trip to LA happened this year. We’ve decided to budget for it next year just in case… Last year Rob and I had a spectacular trip that ended with a big trophy. This year we took both kids, Rob’s mom, and Rob’s Aunt Mary and Ahad, a big family trip. The location was so much better this time around. Last year we were downtown. This year we were in walking distance to Universal Studios. They had a great deal going and we were able to get weekend passes and go in for a few hours at a time throughout our weekend. Rob and I had a great time in Florida there two years ago, and for the ages our kids are now it ended up being a way better choice for us than Disneyland would have been. There were a two little kids areas for Simon and Caleb to play and one ride for them. Rob and I used the kid swap to go on the Transformers ride. It was still awesome. Simon loved the minions. We didn’t do any other rides (the rest of the family did) but we made it to most of the shows. That is the biggest difference in the parks. Orlando is rides, LA is shows, and the Studio Tour. This was the real reason we got the passes. I only kind of regret not doing it twice.

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We have some friends who work for Dis.ney Studios and were able to visit for a tour. This was one of Rob’s dreams fulfilled. Simon slept through half of it – let it be known that he was NOT tired.

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Then the big event. Rob didn’t win this year, but still a fabulous night. Our amazing sitter, Gabby, who now lives in LA came to sit for us again in the hotel.

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Other impressions of the trip are mostly about the weather and the travel. Jet lag sucks. With kids it is just plain terrible. Caleb never did adjust and was up at 3:30 PDT every day. Simon slept a little later but not much. There was a lot of early morning walking around the hotel – AND NO COFFEE AVAILABLE UNTIL 6AM!!! The travel itself wasn’t terrible. There were a lot of snacks and a little napping. The boys did really well overall. And then the weather was quite cold for LA AND IT RAINED while we were there, which I am told isn’t really normal. Luckily I brought pants for everyone. And my last minute decision to throw a short wrap in the bag along with our two buckle baby carriers was a pretty good one.

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See you next year – I hope.

One more batch of fancy pictures if/when I ever download from the DSLR

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