Messy Reality

Lest you think the kids room (or my apartment for that matter) is pristine, I will knock that idea out right now. We have a tiny apartment and too much stuff. Yesterday I finally had it with the mountain of toys that is nightly shoved out of the way. I dumped all the bins and didn’t allow Simon screen time until everything had a home. I’m happy to say that a large bag of toys found a home in a donation bag and a moderate number of broken toys and actual trash (I’m continually disgusted with myself and the amounts of actual trash I find) made it to the trash bin. The rest was put away. Then I put the clothing bag I’m in the process of changing out and the pile of toys from the living room got thrown in there, so… This is my messy reality. I got rid of a lot of stuff, but always more to purge. #whoneedsit  

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