#MicroblogMondays: The GREAT Grandma edition


Hopefully I will get around to writing more about our time in Indiana. But in case I don’t… My last living grandparent is turning 80 next month.  We wanted to have a big surprise birthday bash for her, and my mom and aunt were nice enough to plan it for a few weeks early when I was already in town. Rob flew in for the long weekend too.

IMG_5170About 75 people showed up to celebrate Mom-Mom, Mom, Flo Ann. Three of her four living siblings made it and most of my grandpa’s living siblings. And so many nieces and nephews (my mom’s cousins). I was close to all of my grandparents growing up and was lucky to have all four until my senior year in high school. Simon got to meet my Grandma, but Mom-mom is the only grandparent to meet Caleb and my nephew and niece.

IMG_5153It’s a special thing to have a great-grandparent (I remember mine) and I’m so glad to have these memories and pictures.



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2 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: The GREAT Grandma edition

  1. Wonderful pictures! I never got to meet my “greats” but our eldest has some fond memories of my maternal grandmother (the younger two are a bit fuzzier on the recollections). So happy you were able to capture this.

  2. That is so special! Happy early birthday to her. I lost my last living grandparent a few years ago, and I love that the twins still have memories of her.

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