around here: week 1

Resting… after a long road trip.

Missing… all the Indiana and Ohio family

Cleaning… everything. I’ve grown to love the big clean-up that comes at the end of Christmas. A new year, a new clean start. Didn’t quite finish.

Enjoying… consciously engaging with the boys after school. And I say enjoying because when we are all on the same page it is great. But I also had one of my worst days ever as a parent this week. It wasn’t pretty, either the kids behavior or my reaction to it. But we say I’m sorry, and the next day really was a better day.

IMG_7429 Worrying… about how long Simon’s transition back from the school break will take. It’s been a rough week.

Eating… real dinners every night this week. Thanks to Fresh Direct, meal planning (I really really want to keep this one up), and Instant Pot I made a dinner that included vegetables every night this week. Also eating breakfasts by Rob.

Working…on setting up my new To Do Journal. It worked out well that I started a new journal the same time as the 2017 planner. I love my paper planning even if I do use my phone’s calendar too.

Excited… that I got an interview for a job.

Hoping… that this year isn’t so busy and I can find time for hobbies, like blogging again.

Laughing… at the size of our new wagon. But really it’s awesome and will be great for groceries and park stuff and kids as we start aging out of the stroller.IMG_7425

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