Gems from the Kids

I thought I would post some of my favorite kid quotes from different research sessions over the past few months. Sometimes they give very cute answers and sometimes come up with just some of the strangest things.

On Bubble
“Why are they wearing bathing suits?” (because they’re Bubble Guppies!) “I want to be a Bubble Guppie!” 4-year-old girl

“They’re half fish! That’s a mermaid.”

“It was funny because I was goin’ like this (big smile).” 3yr old girl

On Construction:
“They were building, and made a doghouse, the dragon ate ice and ate a lot of crackers. He had a really big stomach!” 4-year-old boy

On Rock & Roll:
“When big crab pulled out a fork!” 4-year-old boy

“When he rings his bell and he can’t get the bell off the cow.” 3-year-old boy

On Restaurants:
“Mr. Grump was happy and the giant tomato was angry too. And Mr. Grump was angry like the tomato.” 3-year-old girl

“I didn’t like when the boy was stuck in the pickle, because if my mom was in the show and she was in there I wouldn’t like that.” 4 year old boy

On Camping:
“A bear was comin’ to get them and an owl and he was about to sleep and they woke him up. And was eating marshmallows and he had the whole bag.” 3-year-old boy

“Camping on the dark side of the moon.” 5-year-old boy

On Cities:
“It’s hard to find a spot for the car. If there’s a spot you take it quickly and if you don’t someone else will take it.” 4 year-old-boy

On Doctors:
How was the python feeling? “I don’t know…. Nauseous?” 3-year-old boy

What would make the ape feel better? “I think he wants a leprechan!”

On Plays:
“Actors… the wolf came & Deema came over and she said she was late & she was like wolf don’t come back. Can you read it again?” 4-year-old girl

“The owl going to kick the frog” (he means the wolf was going to get the Clam.)

On Spring:
“When he (Snow Monster) made it to winter. I hated it because I don’t want my life to be like that.” 5-year-old girl

“The fairy godmother (why?) she made flowers and then fireworks.” 3-year-old girl

The snowman. He;s not mad hes my friend.

On Dinosaurs:
(What dinosaurs do you know?) “A long tail” (Do you know any dinosaur names?) “Johnny” (Who’s Johnny?) “A big dinosaur.” 3-year-old girl

Now you see why I love my job.


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