To my earlier post. As I was spending much to much time online today, as I didn’t have work to do and it was really really cold out, I decided to look for a new layout for the blog. What I liked about the old layout is that it allowed for a wide space for teh body of the text. But what I like about the new one is the pretty pink skyline – so perfect for My Life in the Big City. I’m hoping to sit down this weekend and maybe figure out how to widen the posting area, maybe I will maybe I won’t (you decide if I mean try or actually figure it out)

The other downside is somehow in the process of changing I accidentally deleted all of the links on the right sidebar. So now I have a clean slate – do I want to be the blog hopper / stalker. I decided I do. So in my trying to recreate, I added a space for the links to blogs of people I don’t know, that aren’t necessarily written for the masses, or maybe they are. So read and hop with me if you dare.

Also, if you are a friend who has a blog that used to be linked (or maybe not and you want to be linked) but aren’t seeing your blog at the moment, send me a message or comment and I will add you. I am having a hard time remembering who all was there, what with all the blogs I read and everything.

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