Wedding Fun

Vince and Kaylene got married! Woo hoo! I was so excited to be at their wedding and get to hang out with college friends. We spent the weekend with Sara and Dave, and Carrie and her new husband Dave came in too.

Here is the one picture of the ceremony I got.
Vince and Kaylene’s first dance.
Sara and Dave.
Carrie and Dave.
The college crew – Vince, Sara, Kasey, Kaylene, Carrie.

The girls.

Somehow I didn’t get a pitcure of me and Rob. He was the cameraman. But here is one of us hanging out. I included it because you can see the flowers I wore in my hair.

After the reception there was an after-party at the hotel, where we all changed into our casual clothes and hung out and got to talk some more.

A very fun weekend.

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