Christmas Time is Here

I have finally exited my end of semester hibernation.  I just turned in my last final and can re-enter the blogging world!  There has been much elving going on.  I set up the tree and my table display (nativity, flowers, and candles) the day after Thanksgiving.  I am at peace with the fact that half of one strand of tree light burned out three days after I put the tree up.  It’s ok, new lights next year.  We finished up our Christmas shopping on Wednesday, buying the final three gifts.  It will be kind of a small Christmas this year, but that is ok.  This morning, before finishing my final, I boxed up all the presents, and am on my way to the Post Office to mail them to Indiana.  We will be there, but have found it simpler to travel without presents when dealing with airport security.  There are a few handmades that need to be finished and will travel with us in the suitcase.  We are ready to enjoy this holiday.

Our tree is all decked out, but looks sad at the moment, sans presents.  I’ll put the rest of our cards over there.  It’s the only place for the fruit bowl, but oranges are festive.  On the lower right you see a glimpse of our stockings.  I need to get some real stocking hangers on sale after Christmas to put on the edge of the table next year.  We have a few new ornaments this year, commemorating trips and events of the year.  I’ll give them a post next week.

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