Birthday Boy

The birthday boy decided he didn’t want cake this year, so I made him these Strawberry Ninjas I found on Pinterest.  They are a little sad and Rob says they look more like Santas.  Next time we will dip the strawberries in chocolate first.

The day was pretty low key.  We spent the morning cleaning.  So not what should happen on a birthday and the afternoon napping.  Then we went out to dinner.  Tuesday was a bit of a better birthday day.  We went to the MoMA for lunch.  The cafe we wanted to eat at was closed for unknown reasons, so we ate at a different one.  Then walked around the sculpture garden.  The food is pretty good, but expensive.  However, we knew that going in, and being members we don’t have to pay for the museum.

I love this guy and am glad he gets to keep his special day all to himself.

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