First Harvest

The first five tomatoes were ripe last week.  I have four more almost ready today.  We picked them and along with some basil and oregano made homemade pizza.  Yum!

We also tasted the first of the tiny strawberries.  I don’t know a lot about berry growing, but I’m pretty sure the pots are restricting their growth.  And because this is the first year they’ve produced, I think they might be bigger next year.  We’ll see.  But we ate them.  And it was like eating a strawberry candy.  a super sweet concentrated taste of strawberry explosion.

Also this year, the wildflower seeds I planted look like they are about to bloom in another of the pots. And the marigold is still alive.  This is the best luck I’ve ever had with flowering things.  Our little container garden along with our CSA share makes me almost feel like I have a real garden.

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