Ten Things about Summer

Rob has a green thumb.  The strawberry plants are actually producing tiny strawberries.  I didn’t think it would happen.  But now I’m thinking another transplant is needed.  In March we moved the six plants into two bigger pots.  But now they are looking crowded.  Two plants per pot, or one?  And will the budding berries survive a transplant.  For sure it will happen in the fall.

I have a green thumb too.  My two Cherry Tomato plants have about 15 maters growing.  I am a bit worried about the yellow leaves.  One of the plants is almost half covered in yellow leaves.  At first i thought maybe over or under watering- but it’s just one of the plants and they are in pots right next to each other.  However the yellow one seems to dry out faster than the other.  Any advice?

Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, and Mint are doing great.  One parsley plant is here, and the rest in the hanging box.  The lettuce from last year started coming up again and rather than dig it up I put one of the parsley plants here.  The Basil in the other hanging box is doing well also.  The two small pots on the far left have flowers!  Mostly I plant things we can eat.
We’ve been using the herbs a lot this spring and now into the summer we go.  It’s fun to go out and pick and chop fresh herbs for cooking.  And because we have it we are finding more ways to incorporate herbs into cooking.  Rob is really good at putting things together to use up our CSA vegetables. It usually involves a lot of onion, garlic, and whatever herb goes best.
The Mint is nice in water or tea.  Just drop in a leaf and go.  Mint is also like rabbit-nip.  If you put your fingers by his nose after handling the leaves he will lick your fingers.  And we give him the occasional leaf.
Summer has also brought the first day that I’ve swollen enough to lose an ankle.  Just the right one is gone today.  I am sitting with my feet up as much as possible.  And really I can’t complain.  My sandals are a little tight, but until yesterday I have been able to wear sneakers as long as Rob was around to tie them for me.
I spent two hours outside on the balcony this morning with my coffee reading.  It was delightful.  I love our outdoor space.  Over the weekend Rob said he really wanted to go to a cafe and sit outside and drink coffee, but that he didn’t want to spend money.  I reminded him that we have a balcony and cafe table, he can do that for free here.  We are lucky.
Simon will be a summer baby.  I am only a pretend summer baby since today is technically the first day of summer.  Happy Solstice!
It’s been pretty nice, weather-wise.  On days it isn’t too hot I take a long walk and try to do one neighborhood errand each day.   The round trip is about a mile.  Almost every evening when it cools off, Rob and I take another long walk.  This is putting me at walking around 2.5 miles each day.  Exercise!  That isn’t too taxing.  And it’s nice to get out of the apartment.
Iced tea is one of the world’s greatest inventions.  We are drinking lots and lots of it.

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