May Day

May 1 came and went – and that means summer gardening time!  It is still a work in progress.  I still have a few more herbs to buy and plant in the large flat container (the bottom of the rabbit’s old cage) and the pots won’t be sitting on top of one another or all in the corner. 
Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley (to be planted) Strawberries

But we are having some work done on the building facade, so this way the plants are out of the way.  I’m excited about all the herbs, and we also added some peppers to the mix along with tomatoes.  And of course, there are Rob’s strawberry plants, which have done amazingly well.

Parsley, still missing two plants on the right
I also read somewhere that Marigolds keep the pests away – not that we get so many on the sixth floor balcony, but if I see some nice ones, it could add some color to all the green.  I love to look at flowers, but I am so much better at keeping the food-plants alive.
lots of Sweet Basil this year

PS – this is my 300 post on the blog.  I kind of wish it were more exciting.

I am 31 weeks pregnant.  Simon weighs just over 3 pounds (according to the books) and besides some crazy third trimester symptoms (leg cramps, loose/sore hips, OMG I’m actually having a baby hormones) I think this is my favorite trimester yet.  I mostly feel good physically, I have more energy than have had thus far, and I can feel him moving All. The. Time.

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