Wow, you’re really playing house today.

That’s what Rob said when he saw that I actually SET THE TABLE, with the fancy dishes.  Our apartment has been a disaster area recently.  Simon was 11 weeks yesterday, so it’s been approximately 12 weeks since we had a good deep clean.  I’ve slowly gotten back into a normal routine, one that includes menu planning.  Since we have so many CSA veggies and it’s getting colder, I thought a roast would be nice.  So this morning before church, and after probably the crappiest night of sleep to date, I put the roast and potatoes, onions, and beans in the crock pot.  Even I can put together a meal that simple on almost no sleep.
After church Simon took a real nap and Rob and I cleaned.  Then Rob kept cleaning between naps, and Simon took a SECOND nap.  This is almost unheard of, but after reading a blog post on sleep, I thought that daytime swaddling may be in order, and it worked!  Once the house was clean I put on REAL CLOTHES (and clean ones!), as opposed to the yoga pants and tanks I usually wear when it’s just us.  I asked Rob to put on a clean shirt.  He wanted to know if it had to be fancy.  Nope, but clean with no spit-up would be nice 🙂
Then I set the table, and “Wow, you’re really playing house today.”  What’s really sad is tat I can’t remember the last time I made a nice meal for just us.  I pull out the china a few times a year for just us, usually and I know that it’s been a long time since that.  But I can’t remember the last time we planned a meal beyond it being dinner time and throwing something together.
So here is our dinner.  Beef roast with potatoes, onions, and beans, crescent rolls, and a bottle of wine.

 Here we are in our clean clothes.

Simon napped (again!) during dinner.

And just to show how awesome I am I even made dessert.  Using the CSA pears.  Pear tarts, which are pears in brown sugar on biscuits with cream.  Rob did whip the cream.  And what I like about this dessert is even if you screw it up, it’s just fruit and sugar, so still tastes good.

The best part – we have breakfast and lunch out of the leftovers.  Oh, and the clean living room, that’s pretty awesome too.

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