Saturday – 7:30am

I was going to say I don’t know why it seems I only blog every other week.  But I know exactly why.  I’m working like crazy.  My 1.5 days away from Simon turned into 4 this week, and 3 the week before that and will be 3 again this week.  I bought an electric pump.  I kind of hate it, but it is necessary for the time I’m away and I really do want to keep breastfeeding.  And I will full time again once I finish my project.  So this week I taught a double load (4 classes) because my colleague was on her honeymoon.  That’s a lot of going to Staten Island.  A very inconvenient time for me but oh well.  Inconvenient because I have to present my second year research project (essentially my master’s thesis) on the 18th in what will count as an oral defense.  But oh, yeah, because I slacked off while pregnant thinking in some delision that I would have more time AFTER Simon came, it’s not quite done.  So I’ve spent every waking hour where I am not teaching or feeding (and even some when I am feeding) working on this.  I have to practice at 11.  I have 3 hours to finish – and somewhere in there get dressed and brush my hair…  Here’s a pic of what’s going on right now with the boys in the house.

More blogging soon.  I hope. I miss my blog.

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