end of summer garden.

I’ve finally done it.  I took a picture of the pepper that grew and ripened.  It’s ready to pick and eat.  And when I did I saw that two more have grown.  And these two are big.

Also after having teeny tiny strawberries all summer, we have four that are big.  Big being relative.  But they are still candy delicious.

I have a few more tomatoes coming in.  The herbs are doing well.  We pick and throw something in almost every meal.  I think I won’t do thyme or mint again.  The basil, oregano, and rosemary are great.  The parsley didn’t grow so well, not sure why.  Oh, yeah, it’s because once I had the baby I completely neglected my plants.  I’m glad I got a good start with them.  It’s the only reason they are still alive.

Oh, how I love my little garden.

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