3 Months

Oh baby Simon.  How is it that you are already three months old?  13 weeks. 92 days.
At your three month check-up you weighed in at 13 pounds 2 oz, 25 inches tall, and your head is 41 cm.  Your growth has slowed down some no more 2 pound gains in a month, but you are right on track.  I’m glad because you are starting to get heavy.

This month you’ve become interactive.  You still love your robots (mobile).  They make you smile and

 wiggle.  You smile and laugh all the time.  You love motor noises.  And when we bicycle your legs.  We call your arm your laugh motor – if we shake your arms you crack up.  You still prefer to stand, but can sit in the Bumbo seat without falling over and can sit with support on the floor.  Tummy time is still a chore, but you can now lift your head and chest and have started rocking with your head and feet up.  You will be rolling soon I think.

You’ve also started grasping things.  Not with purpose yet, but if there is a toy or burp cloth (your favorite) then you hold it and flail it around with your crazy arms.  You try and put things in your mouth now too.  You’re getting better at it.
 You still eat all the time, and don’t love bottles.  But that is ok because I don’t like pumping so much either.  This has been a very busy month for me at school and there have been some extra Daddy / Simon days.  The upside to this was enough days in a row at home for you to get to show your schedule.  That you need an early morning nap and then one around 12:30 and again at 4.  If you are swaddled you go right to sleep and sleep off the fussiness.  Bedtime is a little rough.  We did move you to the crib in your own room this month.  A little sooner than I was ready for, but you are just too tall for the bassinet.
You slept 9.5 hours one night – then night there was a fire next door.  We were up all night watching the firemen.  And making sure you were ok with all the smoke that got inside.  I think the smoke knocked you out some.  For two weeks you did great a bedtime, fell right to sleep without crying and then slept 7 hours.  Then you started crying a lot, finally calming down to eat again, and then sleeping 5 hours.  This is where we are now.  I really don’t want to do sleep training, but I really want to start sleeping soon.  Since we are traveling to Indiana we will revisit your sleep at four months.  I’m really hoping you figure it out yourself by then.  Since I’ve been away so much I’m going with reverse cycling and doing my best to keep you fed at night.  The bedtime chronicles are going to be a regular feature I fear.
Most of the time you are a smiley happy little guy. And you are starting to look an awful lot like your dad.

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  1. Happy 3 months Simon! I love this post because I know what I have to look forward to over the next month – except the move to the crib, like you, I'm not ready for it but Will is almost too long for the bassinet.

    Great pics:)

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