The Obligatory Year End Post

I was going to write this yesterday. Then decided not to partially because I didn’t quite know how to word it or what I wanted to say. So here I am on January 1, New Year’s Day. I don’t see the need for a recap of my year post, the blog archives are here, and needless to say this has been a life changing year.  I did have a baby after all.

But I also completed two more semesters of my PhD program (only one more semester of coursework) and presented my research at poster sessions at two national conferences. There was a lot of stress – I don’t remember the month of March and didn’t blog, so I really have no record of what I did.
What I really want to recap though, is the state of the blog. It starts in the summer of 2010 when I went to BlogHer and was so timid I didn’t really network like I could have. But I did get new blogs to read and at the start of 2011 I became active on Twitter. In the archives I saw the first outreach of my new blog friends – I ordered Girl Scout Cookies from a fellow blogger. I also started commenting regularly on blogs.  Mostly smaller blogs like mine, and I got responses!  Wow, more blog friends. The summer of 2010 I was also hoping to have a baby, and started reading infertility blogs.  The IF blog community is amazing. Since I never blogged as an IF blogger and got pregnant after only 2 treatment cycles I hesitantly eased into this community.  These women are knowledgeable and were more helpful throughout pregnancy than any book. I found a few NYC bloggers and started commenting some.

Throughout all of this I started getting comments back!

My little blog is read by people, I did install a counter at the bottom, I average a couple hundred views a month. And occasionally I get comments from people I don’t know on blogs I’ve never heard of, so more blogs for me to read. I kind of love blogging.

This year was my fourth blog-o-versary. I have plans for year five. I want to continue to comment on blogs and make more bloggy friends.  I am attending BlogHer again this year (it’s in NYC) and my goal is to be less timid. And hopefully meet some more bloggers, maybe get lunch or coffee.  We’ll see. I want to get my own domain name, I’m excited about that. I’m toying with the idea of adding adds. I don’t plan on ever making a living from blogging, but it’s a hobby that isn’t going anywhere, so why not profit a little from it? If I can figure out the Amazon affiliate program (it is more of a taking the time to do it) then I can get a bit back from my own shopping on Amazon anyhow. It’s really time for me to take my blogging seriously.

This year I noticed the biggest change in how I right. I don’t classify myself as a specific type of blogger, I blog about my life since this started as a way to keep my family informed about my exploits in the city.  I am a mom now, so Simon will figure in as heavily as Rob always has.  But with my pregnancy my writing became more of a journal for me at times. I like that record of my feelings.  And because I’m not just blogging for Mom (who doesn’t read the words anyhow, she’s more of a picture type of gal) and people are actually out there, I have changed to write for my audience, whoever that may be. I want to keep journaling some and write openly. I want to find a way to write a bit about school – in a way that won’t get me fired.

I’m excited about how this little blog has changed in 2011 and am looking forward to what this new year brings.

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