I’m so not ready for this.

IMG_6103Well here we are at 30 weeks. I’ve barreled into the third trimester. What!?! I don’t think I will get over being amazed at how this pregnancy is flying by until baby boy is in my arms. I am enjoying it though. I feel really good. I’ve gained somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds and Mister Prime (as Simon still refers to him) is right on track.

I feel him moving constantly now, some of the jabs are even a little painful. But it is the coolest thing. I mean, I have a tiny human in my belly, that’s amazing. Since I hired my doula so early, I think around 14 weeks, she scheduled a check in meeting for this week. Then we’ll schedule her home visit for late January to discuss labor plans and back-up plans and when do I want her to join us. Like things are getting real.

IMG_6101I’ve finally started listening to my Hypnobabies tracks and we are going to schedule a Bradly refresher session for January. I purchased a gift card for labor inducing acupuncture from my favorite neighborhood acupuncturist. Maybe I’m more ready than I think?

What I haven’t done is to sit down and really think about / write down birth preferences to talk about with my OB in detail. Also, need to sit down with Rob. And we need to formalize the plan for Simon. What I’m not doing is dwelling on any of this for very long – which I think is a combination of second child syndrome (sorry baby I do love you lots), being super busy with school trying to finish things up, and a little bit of denial that we are actually having a baby in about two months.

IMG_6097Rob is happy that I’ve started having cravings – it’s the one pregnancy symptom he looks forward to. With Simon it was ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce. With this little guy it’s brownies, ice cream (that may not be a craving and more just I love ice cream), french fries, and cheese.

PS. This is a non-maternity shirt that I love and still looks ok on. Or it did three weeks ago when we took these pics. I’m bigger now.

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3 thoughts on “I’m so not ready for this.

  1. Yay! You look so cute. I can’t believe how soon you Dude #2 will be here! I completely felt the same way, really in denial that there would be an actual baby and soon! But now she’s here and she’s a scrumptious love. Your little man will be here to play with Big Bro Simon before you’ve quite wrapped your head around it!

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