Words to live by: Intent

The last few years I’ve seen bloggers choose a word of the year.  I like the concept, but never had a word that seemed right. This year I have a word or words.

intent. intentional. with purpose. by design.

I want to be more thoughtful about my actions in all areas of my life.  I want to continue on the path we’ve slowly been moving toward. We are pretty good about creating less waste, we use cloth napkins and rags for cleaning. We cloth diaper. We have learned to distinguish between wants and needs and buy so much less than we once did. But there are still the occasional splurges and binges. I want to buy with purpose and try and buy used when possible. I want to find ways to create less waste. We really don’t NEED much. I am pretty content with the material things, and would like to purge more.  I want there to be intent behind things we bring into our home.

I eat a lot of junk food.  I have a sweet tooth.  Rob like vegetables, so that has changed my diet some. Last summer we joined a CSA and ate so many vegetables I have never tried.  Who knew I loved beets? I want to be more intentional about the food I buy and prepare. I really do buy into the whole “whole food” movement.  But I am lazy and prepared foods are so darn convenient. The CSA made us eat healthier than I ever have before, I want to continue on that path.

I need to be more intentional with how I manage my time.  I waste so much time checking email a million times a day or facebook when there are no new updates. With Simon and school and being a wife and all the things I have going on I need to be better at using my time wisely.  So working with intent and staying on task when I am at school or with students will allow me to be more present when I’m with Simon and at home, and not distracted. I also need to have purpose with my time on line.  When blogging or checking email or Pinterest or whatever I may be doing, I need to be more intentional with my time and when I’m done, shut down. And then go back to focusing on my family.

We’ll see how this all goes.  Nothing is a huge change, but some readjustments to how I approach life.

Welcome 2012.

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