Simon’s park party (3 years)

**And the last of the summer posts on October 1, time for fall adventures.

IMG_6926To keep things simple, which is something I’ve really been working on the last couple of years. So we started Simon’s birthday with donuts and family presents.

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Then Simon’s party was that evening, on his actual birthday – a Wednesday – at the park with a few friends. I took Simon to Party City and let him pick some plates and a few other decorations. I made some cupcakes and bought a fruit tray and some drinks. Then I ordered pizza and had it delivered.

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The party was perfect! The kids had a great time playing on the bikes and at the playground. They got some pool and sprinkler time. I got to talk to the other adults. I think this will be the trend of future parties – low stress and lots of fun.


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2 thoughts on “Simon’s park party (3 years)

  1. I love how low key this is! It’s harder to do it like that in the winter with my December/January babies (ugh) but I’m sure going to try. I hate having a houseful of people and just feeling stressed about it. Low key is the way to go!

    1. We are doing Caleb’s first birthday at the park…in February. There will be coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts instead of cake. I’m sure we’ll have a few people to the apartment after, but no stress. You can find a way.

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