Chicago Trip

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago for a wedding and some fun. Rob was in the wedding, so he was pretty busy. I had two Simon-free days. It was strange.

We flew in Friday morning. Early, early, and had to wake up at 4, meaning we woke Simon (who has JUST started sleeping through the night) at 4:30… But we made it to the airport and the flight was pretty uneventful. Simon slept on Rob for about half, and played with his toys and our cups and napkins. Before heading up to the wedding, we drove Simon downtown to stay with Mom and Chip for two days. I took very few pictures.  Here I am with most of the significant others of the groomsmen. We had a lot of hangout time.

Sunday morning Rob and I headed back downtown. Simon was happy to see us! There was a playground across the street from the hotel. Mom said it was like Disneyland for him. They spent a lot of time there and exploring the room. Sunday afternoon we walked down to Navy Pier and to the Children’s Museum. We used our reciprocal membership from the Hall of Science and got to go for free. The water room was Simon’s favorite. This was a great place to kill an afternoon.

Monday, Mom and Chip left after breakfast and Rob and I took a walk down Michigan Ave to Millennium Park. Simon slept most of the way. We saw the “bean”. I’m sure it has an official name – I don’t know what it is. And then Simon and I took a little splash in the fountains.

The flight home was exhausting – we didn’t get in until 10:30. Clearly I bought these tickets when Simon was very tiny and on a 3 hour schedule. We’ve since learned to travel during the day, preferably nap time.

10 months!

This is a little late getting posted, but here we go.

From 9 – 10 months it was a lot of little changes on the way to big milestones. Still only two teeth, but I’m getting better at letting go about the mess of self-feeding, so more opportunities to try new food. I think he likes food, but definitely prefers nursing. Most of the food ends up on the floor, but we’re getting there. I do think it important to eat at the table together, so if we eat dinner at a decent hour, Simon sits at the table with us. He’s still in the Bumbo seat, but since he can climb out of it and I’m afraid he will hurt himself getting a leg caught, I ordered a booster seat. So big!

Wanting to walk all. the. time. except that he can’t. Or won’t alone yet. But he’s gone from cruising with two hands to using only one. The other hand is usually holding some toy. Occasionally the toy is so intriguing that he uses two hands and balances without holding on for a bit. He’s also quite good at walking when holding only one of my hands. At school (or play dates) he will use pretty much any tallish toy, like a cash register, as a walker to move around. On his 10 month birthday he took two steps. Any day now.

Lots and lots of babbling and some imitating but no words yet. Sleep is getting better. We are getting a pretty consistent 7-8 hour stretch. And then it all falls apart. It’s a work in progress. But Simon is now reliably taking 10 – 12 ounces a day by bottle (up from 8-10) so I’m hoping this means he can stop the reverse cycle of needing to eat all night.

In addition to falling in love with the playground, he has discovered “outside.” A surefire way to end the cranky is to open the door and step out to the balcony. He’s also discovered dirt. I kind of think he might be saying dirt. He repeats “dut dut dut” after me. He loves to dig in my pots (I try to stop this) and drop the dirt on the ground. Or eat it. I try to stop this too. He is not fond of grass though.

I can’t believe we are staring to plan his first birthday.

Catching Up

As I go through my photos I realize there is so much I never had time to blog about! So here goes:

At the end of March, Simon and I drove down to Philly to meet Mom and Chip who were there for a conference. A short overnight, but we had lots of fun.

We ate cheese steak, rode a trolly and Simon climbed steps for the first time.

Then school got crazy (is it ever not), we had an anniversary, it turned spring-ish Easter happened and then Simon and I flew to Indiana for part of my spring break. We went because I wanted to see my grandmothers, or rather let them see Simon again. He was three months old when we were out in October.

The first night there, we had a little play date with Charlie and Sara. The toy boys played well together, meaning they didn’t cry and played in parallel.

I spent an afternoon in Bloomington with Emily and we walked through IU’s campus. I felt old. Simon experienced grass and didn’t think too highly of it.

Grandma Frazier had just been moved to a nursing home after being ill. I was really glad we got to spend some time with her. Simon liked the wheelchair.

We drove over to see Grandma Ables too. Thanks Aunt Cynde and Uncle Marty for grilling for lunch! Simon was a fan of the chicken.

The warm weather has made the playground an almost nightly occurance. We go after work / daycare just before bed to really tire Simon out.

I’m not sure how much it contributes to the better sleep, but he’s having fun and sleeping better. When he sees the playground fence he gets really vocal and tries to climb out of the stroller.  He knows. Thank goodness for the five-point harness.

He’s great at climbing the stairs to the slide, and just recently decided that he doesn’t like the toddler play structure anymore and would much rather go down the twisty slide with the big kids. He’s growing so fast!

I think that mostly gets us caught up, just in time for summer fun to start!

Hall of Science

Today Simon and I visited the Hall of Science.  Rob likes this museum / science center a lot and we go about once a year. But now Simon is big enough to enjoy it too!  We went to the Pre-school place and played hard for about 90 minutes. We pushed carts and stacked blocks. We played with puppets and read books. The market and kitchen were also fun. It will be fun to go back when he’s really walking. And maybe go to the rest of the exhibits too.

Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day. Rob and Simon made me a present. It made me smile.

And can we pause for a moment and ask – where did my baby go? He’s turning into a little boy so fast!

– Also, welcome to my fancy new blog with my own domain name. I will continue working on the theme / appearance and some of the technical things for awhile, until I get it “just right”. But I’m up and running for posting. Pardon any hiccups and please join me here.