• I’m ready to make my way back to this space. I’ve missed blogging and writing for me. I’ve been rediscovering hobbies – quilting, reading, gardening (finally) and it’s time to come back to writing. I say that my home life and family are a priority and I’m working really hard to have my actions display this. Part of that is not taking on too much at school and part of that is spending less time on the computer.

    This is what family time looks like. All pictures from Mother’s Day.
  • I love what Rob calls my Vespa dress. It’s a shirt dress in a fun print. i bought a couple new dresses in the same style only solid colors. This is going to be the summer of the dress. And I have all of Grandma’s jewelry that makes dressing up so fun!

    See the amazing earrings!
  • I turned in my final grades for the class I teach last night. As much as I complain about the teaching, I really do care about the students and I want them to do well. I lucked out with a really small class this semester (14 students) and it really is amazing what a difference class size makes in establishing classroom rapport.

    Love this boy!
    Love this boy!
  • I’ve officially started my dissertation. I’m working on the proposal which will end up as a part of the final product. The current timeline is to defend the proposal in early September and then finish the dissertation as soon as possible. I have two other projects that I’ll also be working for the next few weeks, but they are small. I’m really working on removing stress and not taking on too much.

    Too bright Mama!
  • For Mother’s Day Rob and Simon took me to tea. Simon slept through the whole thing, which meant more scones for me. I am a terrible food blogger, so all I have is a picture of the empty plates. After tea we walked through SoHo, went to the MakerBot store, ate some pudding, went to Barnes & Noble, and then to the fabric store to purchase necessities for some baby quilts. I thought it was a pretty great day.

    Bad food blogger!
  • Simon deserves a post of his own, but for the quick update: he’s 22 months, talking in sentences, starting to love tv, obsessed with trains, sleeping in a toddler bed, and fully into the terrible twos. He’s pretty awesome.

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