Photo-a-day May

I did this again. Photo-a-Day for May. Follow me on Instagram (kaseypowers) for more photo fun.
photoaday_mayDay 1: I bought this!; Day 2: Morning Ritual; Day 3/Day 4: This is really good! / In my cup; Day 5: Paper; Day 6: Broken (world) Day 7: Something beginning with F; Day 8: Shape; Day 9: A snack; Day 10: Stars; Day 11: A smile; Day 12: Mother; Day 13: sunrise/sunset; Day 14: Need (to read); Day 15: 7 o’clock (am/pm); Day 16: Mailbox; Day 17: Season; Day 18: Want (to go whale watching); Day 19: My favourite view; Day 20: Light; Day 21: I care about this…; Day 22: Change; Day 23: PJs; Day 24: Go; Day 25: Us; Day 26: Fave thing to do on Sunday; Day 27: Can’t live without; Day 28: What you’re doing now; Day 29: Kiss; Day 30: Tool; Day 31: Four things (1. It’s HOT! 2. We got a bladeless fan yesterday [AC coming out this weekend] 3. Cooling off in the sprinkler 4. Trashed room instead of napping)

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