Something Cute

This evening I went to the grocery to pick up an onion (the missing ingredient) and ice cream (desert). On the way home I walked by two little girls holding a stoop sale. They were maybe 10. I noticed the one girl from the corner. She was wearing white leggings and a white tee-shirt with a sparkly pink super-hero cape. When I got closer I saw she was also wearing pink bloomers over her leggings. Oh yeah. I remember dressing up at that age, although my super-hero of choice was Laura Ingalls.

Anyhow, when I got close they asked me if I wanted to buy anything today, they were having a sale to raise money for their dad’s birthday. With a half-hearted look at the treasures (junk) of 10 year olds I kept walking. Then remembering the 84 cents in my pocket from the store I had a change of heart and gave then a little donation. They asked me what I wanted to buy. I took a closer look, some of their jewelry and books (some of which I totally read as a kid, and were tempting – for nostalgia you know) and a few random wall plaques and bookends. I told them I really didn’t need anything today. They asked me if I had a daughter to buy something for, that made me smile, as I realized how OLD I must seem to them. I declined again.

I asked what they were going to get for their dad. They told me it was hard to raise money, but that it was a surprise, and he didn’t know why they wanted to have their stoop sale. They were very excited about their plans to get some decorations, and sneak up when he was sleeping to decorate. And they had some poppers. And they were going to make a cake for him.
It all made me smile. They thanked me for their generosity. I wished them luck.

I hope they have enough to make the cake.

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