When the baby’s away the parents will play

Last week was a big week for us. My mom came for a quick visit and took Simon back to Indiana for a week at Memaw and Granddad. Rob and I used this opportunity to fly to Orlando and hit up Universal Studios for a kid-free vacation. We stayed in the resort hotel – which I highly recommend because being able to sit at the pool in the middle of the day (or go take a nap, who am I kidding here) then go back to the park for the evening was awesome. We also got express passes, so not having to wait in long lines was also awesome. Visiting Hogwarts and Hogsmeade were at the top of our list. We rode rides, drank butter beer, and may or may not have purchased a wand. We also happened to plan the trip one week after the new Transformers ride opened. We rode three times. Rob is the proud owner of the special edition transformer Evac who saved us all from the Decepticons. Three nights in a hotel were bliss, then one extra night at home before the kid was returned via Aunt Emily. He did great. We did great. Simon is really growing up. Also of note I believe this is his ninth plane trip and flights number 22 & 23 (we don’t always fly direct) and the last one that will be free.

And now for the pictures. This is our trip via instagram.

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