Just a day in the life. {home with kids}

I’m not sure if yesterday was typical or atypical. Every day is pretty different depending on what I have going on work wise. Usually on my “home” days (I also work from home, but I mean Simon is home days) we’ll do one fun thing – the park or an adventure and one errand thing. Yesterday both halves of the day were errands. I was away for 5 days over the weekend and we are about to embark on the June of Insanity, so there were just a lot of things that needed to be done. I didn’t decide to do this until later in the day – after reading Josey’s post – so the early morning is off. I actually thought I’d do Friday, then decided to do both days. (I decided this after Josey did the same thing 🙂 )

Thursday May 29, 2014

6:30/6:45  – Nursing Caleb, Rob gets up to give Simon his milk. There is breakfast and morning stuff. Showers, clothes… Rob fixes my internet passwords and I send a couple of school emails. Simon watches Kung Fu Panda 2. I feed Caleb.

8:30 – Rob leaves for work. Simon is still watching his movie. I’m making a very long to-do list and packing up all the stuff. Do some more emails and make some phone calls. Play a matching card game with Simon.

9:30 – Movie is over. I get Simon dressed and ready. I pour coffee. Caleb wakes up, needs to eat again.

10:00 – We are finally ready to go. I take the double stroller. I remember my coffee!! We go to the Drug Store to exchange size 1 diapers for size 1, to the bank to take care of a couple of things, drop off a package at the UPS store.

11:15 – Simon is whining that he wants a snack. I remember it’s my sister’s birthday and she likes donuts so we stop and get a donut. Simon wants to eat in Store. I take a picture and text Emily “Happy Birthday”


11:30 – He finishes his donut and stops being cute. I say no to a second donut. We leave so we can have a “talk” not in front of a store of people. Simon wants to be carried so I throw him on my back in the sling. We go to the post office.

11:45 – Pick up package from the post office. Simon is excited for his present. I ask if he wants to hold it in the stroller or ride in the back pack. He chooses back pack. We talk on the walk home.

Noon – I feel Simon slump over. I check my reflection in a window. He’s out. Caleb is out – he fell asleep sometime between leaving donuts and now.

12:10 – Home and do a successful back to bed transfer. Simon started yammering about his present, but I patted his back and he stayed asleep. (He is actually quite the sleep talker). I open my present!

12:20 – Caleb is up. Change his diaper. Five minute feed. Asleep again! Put him in the swing.

12:45 – I tweet about the double nap. I don’t know what to do with myself. I finish unpacking and re-do some organization in the “bathtub closet”

1:00 – I decide to eat some ice cream and watch an episode of Call the Midwife on the balcony. Worth it.

2:00 – Start some more organizing of the great winter to summer clothes change.

2:15 – Simon is up. Make him some lunch. He gets to open his present, some card games. One of them has a fish. He wants to watch Nemo. I set him up with Nemo and chicken nuggets. I start putting things away in the closet storage in his room. Also, purging clothes I will never wear again. Simon comes to “help” and also to play trains and monster trucks in the room with me. Nemo is still on.

3:00 – Caleb wakes up. Change him. Feed him. Spit up! Change Clothes. Sing happy birthday videos for Emily. Simon holds and blows out candles for the singing. Send videos.

3:30 – Nemo is over. Start packing up to go to the grocery. Don’t bring a carrier. On the way stop in a couple of store to get a security tag removed from a dress I bought in Indiana. None of the stores have this type of tag.

4:00 – At the grocery. Simon wants to help. He’s usually quite good. We are getting a lot. He asks 1,343,456, questions about everything and also NEVER STOPS MOVING.

4:30 – He runs off one too many times. In front of this mom (who really probably wasn’t paying attention to us) that we have been shopping in parrallelish for awhile. I get more annoyed than I should because of this. I make him sit in the stroller. There is no room for him in the stroller. I am now stressed.

5:00 – Finally checking out. Realize that no carrier was a very bad idea and this will never happen again. Simon has to sit with food all around him.

5:30 – Make it home. Caleb is asleep again. Simon watches Bob the Builder on my phone. I start unpacking groceries. Simon gets a snack.

6:00 – I start dinner. Finish unpacking groceries. Unload and reload dishwasher. Caleb is up. Change and feed him.

7:15 – Dinner is ready and Rob is home. With beer.

7:45 – Simon asks for popcorn and a milkshake for dessert. Ok, but first clean up toys and put on pjs.

8:00 – I finish cleaning the closet and putting clothes away. Milkshakes are ready. I feed Caleb while we start Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. Caleb throws everything up. I get him clean clothes and go change myself. He is wide awake.

9:00 – Time for bed (this is the late end of Simon’s bedtime window) Rob walks him to bed, tucks him in and says goodnight. (Don’t hate me – it hasn’t always been this easy, he didn’t sleep through the night consistently until 27 months)

9:15 – Caleb doesn’t want to eat. I lay him down in the bassinet. He fusses for five minutes, then laughs and coos for a bit, then asleep.

9:20 – I catch up on blogs in bed.

10:00 – Bedtime.

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One thought on “Just a day in the life. {home with kids}

  1. It really is so interesting to read about how other people spend their days!
    I ALWAYS bring the dang ring sling with me now, even if I think it will be a double stroller day. I’ve just had too many times that I’ve regretted not having some type of carrier with. 😛
    I definitely have to work on not reacting more strongly to difficult toddler behaviour just because others are around. It’s always a learning process, isn’t it?

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