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I fully intended to provide Caleb with pumped breastmilk at daycare for a year like I did with Simon. But with Simon I had a huge freezer stash since he wouldn’t really take bottles for several months. I was able to stop pumping at 11 months and even donated about 150 oz.

I loathe pumping. There isn’t really a good reason – I have the time, my supply is great, it doesn’t hurt – but I really really really hate it. In December I cut down to one session a day and was mostly able to keep up with a freezer bag from my minuscule stash here and there. I thought about quitting, but I kept at it until I got sick. I didn’t pump those two days because my skin was crawling, we used up all but one freezer bag. I kept going for another week. Then last week we had snow and the kids were home and then Wednesday at work…I just…didn’t. He went to school with one bottle of cow’s milk. Thursday it was two, and Friday no breast milk at all.

I know this is the absolute right decision for us. I will keep nursing when we are together for awhile. I won’t put a time limit on it. I have lots of feelings that I can’t quite articulate. I’m so so happy to be free of the pump.

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4 thoughts on “#microblogmondays – Done

  1. You did SO fantastically well, Kasey. I have such a love/hate relationship with the breast pump, and though I’m grateful for all the extra milk it allowed me to feed my baby, I was SO GLAD to be done with it when I quit at 9-10 months with Harvey. I just couldn’t do it anymore. So proud of you!

  2. here from Microblog Mondays. What a fantastic job you did pumping. I don’t hate it but I do find it kind of weird. We all do our best for the babies whatever the circumstances!

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