Caleb: 12 months

Birthday week was a success and we ended it with a few more presents and no more cake. The sugar was a bit much and Caleb threw it up and was up all night. However that might not have been all the cake’s fault as teeth are coming in (I think finally) and another ear infection. Oy!

At our 12 month well visit weigh in was 17 pounds 9 ounces back on the chart on the 4th percentile after a little dip during the last bout of sicks. 29 inches tall and head growing just right. We saw my favorite pediatrician in the practice who said everything is A-ok. So I can continue to remind myself that just because Simon did things earlier, doesn’t mean Caleb is behind.

At 12 months, crawling is the preferred mode of transport with quite a bit of cruising. Standing alone is not of interest, even one hand of support causes some distress and immediate sitting. There is little interest in the “baby” cars you got for Christmas, Hot Wheels and wooden trains are much more exciting. Rolling cars and throwing balls are favored activities. And playing “Uh-Oh” in which objects are picked-up then dropped. “Uh-oh” is the first word. And only one right now. But babbling is constant.

Food is great. Breakfast sausages and oranges are favorites. When fussing, show Caleb an orange and he lights up. We are nursing 2-4 times a day. The best days are when we get a nice long pre-bedtime session in. But it’s not love, for either of us. Caleb gets to distracted with a fear of missing out and I hate the constant on and off. But sticking with it through the winter. There has been way too much sickness to not keep it up. In the spring I’ll reevaluate.

Sleep…is….ok. I’m not sure how much is due to sickness and developmental crap (the development is not crap, the sleep it interferes with it) and teething. Oh the teething. We have no teeth, but Doctor says 4-6 are close and that gums are extremely swollen. So adding that in to the mess. There were about 8 weeks from the ER visit to early January where Caleb was up about every 90 minutes. I thought I was going to die. Now it’s around twice a night at 11ish and then 4. I can deal with this except that because of the lack of interest in daytime nursing he’s using these wak-ups for hour long sessions, which keeps me up… I need to night wean. It’s on the list as soon as he’s well.

This past weekend we started ear infection round 2 with an ear leaking copious amounts of mucus. It’s clearing up and he is fine. The pharmacist now knows me though. And I had her write end dates on the medicine since I’m having a hard time keeping track.

This first year has been amazing to watch another little person grow and change. Toddlerhood is just around the corner and that is crazytown.

Slideshow: pics from Caleb’s first year.

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2 thoughts on “Caleb: 12 months

  1. Hello,
    I am not sure how I found. Your blog but I do love reading it. I enjoy reading about living in NYC. I live in Southeastern Indiana and would love to live in NYC, I have just never seemed to make that jump. I do not know the circumstances that sent you to NYC but I do wish I had the guts to make he leap. Anyway, I just wanted to say “Hi.”


    1. Hi Julie, I grew up in Southeaster Indiana too 🙂 in Madison. I wonder if that’s how you found me? I moved out here almost 10 years ago for work. Then met my husband and never left.

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