One Whole Year

One year. Twelve months. 365 days. Its been a great year that’s flown by. This morning we had a birthday breakfast of blueberry muffins. A playdate followed by a birthday lunch at the local sushi joint. A THREE HOUR NAP with a baby who woke up feverish. Some Tylenol and he was better. Simon and Daddy made French bread pizza, then we opened presents and ate some birthday cake. Birthday week is almost over. Todderhood is fast approaching.

Two brothers who mostly like each other.

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Except when Simon opens all the presents, Caleb be:

IMG_7929Then he got to play.

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He loved the cake.

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And at the end of the night even got to use his new tools while Simon was playing video games.


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2 thoughts on “One Whole Year

  1. What a cutie!!! We’re having our birthday celebration this afternoon. Andy is sick (strep and an ear infection!) but I think he’ll manage to smash some cake. 😉 Glad Caleb got to play with some of his toys. Just this morning Sofia asked which of the presents on the table was hers. 😉

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