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Microblog_MondaysIf you didn’t know I’m in my sixth year of Doctorate program in Psychology. I’ve been working on my dissertation proposal for a project in which I’ve collected a lot of data. This is pretty normal in my program, to have data before the proposal. One reason for this is to make sure the project is viable. Last week during a routine literature search I found that someone else has published what is basically my dissertation. So the project as I’ve been conceptualizing is not viable. I wallowed a bit then came up with a couple of new directions I could potentially go with my research. I also came up with the beginnings of a back-up project. Today I am doing more literature search. Wednesday I meet with my adviser to talk about next steps. The biggest thing is that whatever I do still needs to be completed in a year. The life of the forever student. *sigh* I really can’t wait to be done.

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3 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – PhD life

    1. It’s possible. I just need to stay focused and pray. A lot stressful that I don’t have a topic and it is nearly March though. Must be completely done in March next year to graduate.

  1. You can do it! I know it. You know it. We ALL know it. Can’t wait to see you shine at both defenses & elsewhere. Til’ then, chin up & know that the finish line is like an object you see in that rear view mirror….”closer than it appears.”

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