#MicroblogMondays: Lipstick Lab

I had my colors done back in June. This is a whole blog post in itself that has been sitting in my drafts. The short version is, I had my colors done and I’m a Bright Winter. The biggest change is that I now like wearing make-up because I understand what colors work for me and these are not the colors I had been using. I’m part of a Facebook Group of people who’ve done this and a few of us got together yesterday for brunch and a visit to the Bite Lip Lab. We got to make custom lipsticks and they mix and make them right there! It’s totally like chem lab. I made a true red that doesn’t turn pink on me – lots of reds look very pink on me. And then I also got a pink that looks like Barbie’s in the tube, but on it really doesn’t look like I’m wearing much at all. This color thing – it’s super cool. Mostly, I feel good because I look good and lipstick makes me feel like I put in a lot of effort when I didn’t. I was a terrible picture taker at the Lab meaning I took none, but here is what I got and me in the red. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the girls weekend event for when friends visit.

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  1. This sounds so fun! I wish I knew what colours looked good on me because I have no sweet clue. I remember my mum had her colours done when I was a kid and I thought it was so neat then. Maybe someday. And the lipstick making.. what a fun activity! You look fantastic!

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