Halloween 2016

In true Sunnyside fashion we had another great Halloween. The boys wanted to be Ghostbusters. (Again) This year the twist was they were the Ghostbusters – so I made a new suit for Simon and Rob made a new Pack for Caleb. Rob was the Marshmallow man. Fun Fact: The fleece hat was made from Caleb’s costume two years ago, that wasn’t intentional really, just the only white fleece I had on hand. I was a slimer monster with a slime hat from the Drugstore and reuse of my favorite dress from the childhood dress up box. I took no pictures (!!!) I know, who am I? But Rob got some great video. So enjoy!

We made it three streets this year. Caleb got tired and just sat in the middle of the sidewalk to eat his candy. Simon decided he was ok waiting in the line (instead of hitting up more houses) for a scary balloon skeleton at the end of the night. Because my neighborhood is awesome and there is a family who hires balloon artists or does some other over the top awesome every year.

See all of our Halloween costumes here: 2010, 2011 (Marshmallow Man), 2012 (Tardis), 2013 (Ninja Turtle), 2014 (Ghostbusters), 2015 (Mario Bros.)

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