The Beach

We spent last week on the Florida panhandle enjoying the sandy white beach and a chance to sleep in – you know until 7:30 instead of 5:45 – because Memaw got up with the boys. Mom and Chip and Aunt Em all came and we had a fabulous time. The house we rented had an enclosed back yard with a trampoline, swing set, and sandbox. We spent most mornings out there and I loved that the kids had the freedom to just go outside. That is probably the one thing I really miss that we don’t have living in the city.

Simon has had several beach encounters. His approach is cautious. The big change this year is he’s no longer afraid for Rob and I to go in the water – that used to really upset him. He loves to build sand castles and tunnels and caves, but is tentative to approach the water. He’s like a sand piper running in and out with the surf. By the end of the week he got a little braver and let us carry him in a bit further.

Caleb went to the beach last summer but was around 4 months old so this was his first real experience. He LOVED it. The kid has no fear of the waves. The smiles and giggles he gave when we put him in the water and he watched a wave come at his face…priceless. We mostly jumped him over the wave in time. He loved the sand, digging and burying himself and stomping on sand castles. Seeing that much joy made the never ending sand worth it.

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We get one more beach week in August, and I’m hoping it’s just as fun.

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