Corona Park and a Museum

Rob and I had an eventful Labor Day weekend. On Friday we happened to have the day off, so we went up to Brewster to visit Rob’s mom and to pick up one Mr. Theodore Monkey. The monkey is happy to be home.

Saturday we started what I hope will be a fall of museum going. We went to the American Museum of Natural History. Is it bad that I chose this museum because we recently watched “Night at the Museum” from our blockbuster queue? We spent most of our time on the second floor looking at Asian Mammals and Peoples. I read way to much about all the religions and had to catch up with Rob who had moved into the next wing. We did a quick trip up to the fourth floor to visit the dinosaurs. This immediately explained why the first half of our visit was so peaceful. All of the kids who we saw in the lobby were looking at dino bones. I think its that roaring that gets them. A quick loop through the Ocean Life room to see the whale and squid and home for us. All in all a good visit. I’m not sure what museum is next on our list. I need to research what exhibits are out. But the Guggenheim, and free MoMA Fridays are on the list.

Monday we went out to Corona Park. It is not just home to Shea Stadium and the US Open. It is also home to the buildings of the 1964 World’s Fair, the New York Hall of Science, the Queens Zoo and Botanical Garden, and a Carousel.

Here is Rob in front of the globe. You recognize it.
Crazy Space things from the World’s Fair.
On the carousel.
This is our fourth carousel. (The first 3: Bronx Zoo, Central Park, Playland)

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