Anniversary part 2

It’s been over a week. The anniversary vacation was awesome. Saturday we went on a sailboat ride around lower Manhattan. After we got some Pommes Frites for lunch. A quick stop at the hotel to get cleaned up and a little wine and cheese (and bread and fruit) buffet. Then we went to Madame Tussauds (neither of us had ever been) followed by a stop at a chocolate bar where we had a 20 layer crepe cake with a creme brule topping with some chocolate martinis. Ahh…. delicious.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and reading the newspaper over breakfast. Then we just hung out in the hotel room until check-out. Monday was our actual anniversary. We went to the Guggenheim to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. It was pretty cool. Then dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Astoria to take us back to our honeymoon.

Most of the good pictures from the sailboat are on Rob’s camera…I have a few. And some from the wax museum. No pics from Sunday or Monday. Here’s what I got – enjoy!

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