Tea for Mothers

Today Rob and I took his mom out for lunch. We drove up to Millerton, NY to the Harney & Sons Tasting Room and Restaurant.  Rob took me here on one of our first dates, we came here the day after our wedding, and now we come for Mother’s Day.  It never disappoints.  We visit the tea room for our refills and to try new tea.  This time around I got Chamomile and Raspberry – going to need the decaf for awhile still and raspberry leaf is supposed to be good for late pregnancy and postpartum.  After tea we shop a bit and then have lunch.  The sandwiches are simple.  They have other food, but I always get the same thing.  I should expand, I’m sure it’s all great.  The best part of lunch though is the pot of tea and the scones.  Oh, the scones.  Even if you don’t like scones, you will like these.  They are light and fluffy and like no scone you’ve had before.  I took my camera along, you know for a nice Mother’s Day picture, I even charged the battery.  But I left it in the charger…oops, can we just blame the baby?

In the shop Rob asked if I wanted to get anything besides tea, and I said I’d like to get something pretty.  I fell in love with this painted pitcher.  So I went to get it, and Rob said if we were getting the pitcher we needed two cups (one for each of us you know).  And if we were getting the cups we might as well get the matching platter.  So we did.  They didn’t have two of any of the cups so one is coordinating.  Maybe someday we will get two more.  For now, I imagine our summer balcony evenings encompassing iced tea in the pitcher (it’s metal, so will hold cold well) and the baby next to us in the swing.

Also, to note, we found out last week that Harney & Sons opened a tasting room in SoHo.  They don’t have a full kitchen, but they do have the scones.  I think I found our new Saturday excursion in the city snack place.

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