I did not give birth on my birthday.  Those of you who suggested it are funny people.  And for the record, I am going to try (like I actually have any control over it) to not give birth on Rob’s birthday either.  We like our birthdays as our own – as evidenced by Birthday Week.

Here’s what we did do on my birthday:

First thing in the morning the doorbell rang.  It was the mailman with a present!  From my Dad.  Notice how only half the present is actually for me.  And the rest is for the baby.  Dad says he’s weaning me from ever getting anything for myself again.  I still felt the love.

Rob made breakfast and we ate outside.  This is crunchy French toast with bran flakes (we like them better than corn flakes) and strawberries from our CSA share.  I’m also drinking raspberry leaf tea (one of many old wives tales for getting babies out – and my doctor said go ahead and try them all) daily.  If it does nothing else it is delicious.

Rob says 29 is not too old for a little silly.  And I post this here because there is a comparable one of Rob later in the post.

My hair is doing really crazy things.  Rob did not alert me to this at the time.  So we move on.  After breakfast I did some crafting things.  And Rob baked me a cake.  He really is pretty awesome.

After an afternoon nap we took a walk.  It ended up being a very long outing.  We went to Michael’s and got a couple of things I need for the quilt I am starting.  I figure I have 1 – 2 years until the baby will actually need it on his bed, so I have time.
*Gratutious belly shots forthcoming.

We also went to Best Buy to spend the $30 reward card we have.  What is annoying about these is they are free money but they expire.  So we spent as close to $30 as we could, buying Harry Potter 7.1 Blue Ray and DVD (which was on sale) and some more rechargeable batteries.  We paid $1.06.  The guy at the register was impressed.

My other birthday present was received in the mail Friday afternoon.  This shirt I’m wearing from Aunt Cynde.  She knows exactly how I feel, where I don’t have many things that still fit, but am reluctant to buy anything new for only a few weeks.  This shirt is awesome because it fits now, but will also totally work post baby thanks to the elastic neckline!

At 37 weeks 5 days I feel like my belly looked small yesterday, but I think it’s the pattern of the shirt.  Baby can come anytime he’s ready…

After the long walk, which was long because of the 45 minutes we waited in line to check out at Michael’s, we dropped off our purchases and went to dinner.

We discovered Mojave in Astoria on our first anniversary.  Pretty delicous southwestern cuisine.  I love the blue crab quesadilla.  This time we also tried the empanadas, we got the chicken and the plantain,  and I think I have a tie for favorite dish.  Rob got some tacos and french fries.  It’s great to get lots of options and share.  The fries were covered in roasted garlic and pretty delicious.


I think this last picture should be Rob’s new profile pic.  He is not too old for a little silly either.

When we got home we watched a little tv and Rob worked some.  Then it was time for birthday cake.

I love my pink cake.  Since it was just the two of us, and I had already changed into pjs I decided to forgo the candles and just eat.  It was delicious.

And lest you think no one sang to me, Mom, Chip, Emily and Scott sang to me via phone and Skype (we only have video for some reason, so we use speaker phone and video…) And Alison, James and Andrew called to sing as well.

I think 29 is going to be a pretty good year.

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