Simon says

We keep meaning to edit together a video of Simon talking, but who has the time. So to record for posterity the vocabulary explosion that has taken place since the summer. At 12 months Simon was barely talking, repeating a few words here and there. At 17 months he is talking All. The. Time. Some of these words sound very similar to one another; it takes a discerning ear.

First Words: yuck, tree, doggy, dirt, hot

Vehicles: car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, tractor, choo-choo, train, airplane

Animals: kitty-cat, meow, arf, baaa, horsey, (n)eigh, doodle-doodle-doo, gorilla, roar

Things: ball, balloon, shoe, Batman, Spongebob, Patrick (from Spongebob), crayon, light, water, uh-oh, twinkle, star, outside, clock, cracker, treat (candy / rabbit’s treat)

Other: hooray!, step, more, done, mama, daddy, yum!

Phrases: “oht-at” (what’s that), all done, uh-oh, don’t touch, no no no, clean-up, I love you

Sings: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “ABC”, “This Old Man”

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