X is for X-ray

Yesterday at church we had a little mishap. Simon was playing in one of the vestibules at the school where our church meets as the kids often do. It’s a nice time for them to get to run and yell a bit in a large open-ish space as it is too cold for much outside time. While he was playing, he decided it would be fun to hold onto one of the open doors on the hinge side. Do you see where this is going yet???

I’m not sure exactly what happened as I wasn’t really paying much attention other than making sure I knew which room he was in (bad parent move) and the door closed. On his hand. I was on the other side of the door and heard him crying. I thought he had fallen. So I opened the door and closed it again (bad parent move number 2) to get to him. When I saw that his hand was stuck.


I retrieved the hand and went straight to Dr. Richard across the room. He said we needed an X-ray. Lucky for us Dr. Richard has access to an X-ray machine, so he kindly drove us in to his clinic.

Simon’s first X-ray showed no broken bones. We were going to use a splint because he wasn’t using his hand (generally he favors this left hand), but then Simon got a [lolli]-pop and started using those fingers pretty fast to get the the sweet candy. So he’s fine. Just some red bruising and a few months off my life.
I’m glad the first of what will likely be many visits to an emergency care doc went smoothly and we were in the care of a friend.

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