Just not feeling it.

I’m just not feeling the urge to blog these days. I’ve started several posts in my head. I’ve taken pictures for a few others. But I’m just not in this space right now. I think it comes from SOOOO many school deadlines and playing catch up for a couple of months. Then I had three conferences that I presented at (one in Seattle) and working so much that the last thing I want to do at home is get back on the computer.

The big change I think was Boston. That was a Monday, then I left for Seattle on Tuesday and was on the go all day with limited access to the internet. It was nice to be semi-unplugged. My 15 minutes of news watching each evening was more than enough. The events of that week were emotionally draining. And while the trip was good – and I REALLY enjoyed a full nights sleep – I missed my boys. Since I’ve been home I’ve been savoring family time.

It’s also been spring. I really love spring. There have been playground days and the first of the family walks. I finished a quilt (almost) working with the door open. The pots are almost ready for planting. I’ve been enjoying a bit of the disconnected life.

I’ll write more soon because I’ve been taking all of the pictures. And Simon is almost 2! Life is good.


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