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IMG_2780We never through it would be Caleb who gave us this one. I always assumed Simon would fall or jump off of something a little to high. I’ve been saying for almost 2 years it’s a matter of “when not if” we head to the Emergency Room. But I really thought it would be from a playground accident.

I heard a cry in the middle of the night. Then a different sound. At first I thought Simon was up and talking. But it was Caleb with a deep barking cough between crys and labored breathing. I fed him and realized how hot he felt. There was a fever. It was a few minutes while we debated calling the off-hours doctor or just taking him in first thing this morning. The doctor on call heard the cough over the phone and said get thee to the emergency room for a dose of steroid that baby has croup. Dr. N asked our nearest hospital, I named two, and he told us where to go. Rob called for a car. It was cold and raining.IMG_2775

We made it to the ER, it was quiet, nothing like on TV. This hospital has a pediatric waiting room, triage, and treatment area (do all hospitals have this?) We were seen quickly. Caleb never did cough in front of a nurse or doctor. His fever was down, we got our steroid and took a cab home. I heard the cough at 3:30, we were home at 6:20. As a parental milestone, it was smooth sailing and everyone is FINE. Next time it will probably be the scary one.

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5 thoughts on “#microblogmondays – rite of passage

  1. I’m sorry about the croup (and glad he’s feeling better). Really, have you never been to an ER?!? They’re usually awful. In NYC, they also usually have a pediatric unit that’s much better.

    1. I’ve really never been to the ER. I guess my parents probably took me to one when I was 6 and got a concussion. I remember a hospital gown and missing school. Definitely a fan of the pediatric unit.

  2. Oh, man! Not the kind of milestone you want to have!!

    When I first read this on Monday I was going to comment that we had been to the ER only once, and it was when Sofia spiked a fever of 106º around 7 months old. But then just LAST night I had to take Andy for his first visit. He’s 9 months, so at least we outlasted Sofia. Anyway, poor guy has bronchiolitis, but thankfully he didn’t need to be admitted and we’re handling it from home for now. I hope Caleb is better!

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