Caleb’s First Party.


Keeping with my mantra of a simple party, we threw together a little shindig at the park this weekend. I’ve had this in mind since the summer – a snow party at the park – but February weather can be interesting. But last weekend when the forecast was high 30s, I went for it. We invited a few friends, most of whom have kids Simon’s age and a few with baby siblings.

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We got to the park at 10 loaded up with Dunkin’ Donuts, coffee and hot chocolate. And balloons, Simon said there must be balloons. We saw that a path had been shoveled from the gate to the park office, but other than that the park was under a foot of snow. Awesome for the kids who had a great time playing and eating donuts. The grown-ups congregated by the food on a bench in the shoveled area.

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While we were there it started snowing. That was beautiful. We sang Happy Birthday and Caleb got to eat his first munchkin (aka donut hole). It was to windy for the candle to stay lit. After an hour Caleb was ready for a nap and the grown-ups starting to get chilled, so we packed up and went home.

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Happy Birthday Party my little man.

Simon wanted a birthday hat too.

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One thought on “Caleb’s First Party.

  1. What a neat winter party idea! 🙂 It looks like everyone had fun and without the hassle of setting something up in your house and having to tidy up, etc. Perfect! Jealous of the snow AND of the park!!

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