#microblogmondays – managing expectations

I adore Christmas and the magic that comes with the holidays. Our tree is trimmed, all the decorations set up, cards are sent, and I have a list of Holiday things we like to do (e.g., ice skating, visiting Macy’s to see Santa, Rockefeller Center). Simon is old enough this year that he is really starting to understand what Christmas is all about. He is also THREE.
So while Thanksgiving and Friday were quite nice, Saturday was…Not. We had fun plans, but unacceptable behavior led to lots of tears (some may or may not have been mine) and cancelling of plans for the whole family.
Sunday at least was a nice reset button. Simon and I went to church, Rob and Caleb stayed home to rest. Then we had a nice family walk and completed most of the Christmas shopping. Despite saying Saturday that they deserved NO presents and we should just throw out all the toys we already have, by Sunday I’d calmed down.
I want Christmas to be magical for my kids. I want to give them the world. I also need to remember that THREE is tough and sometimes if we just make it through the day it’s enough. I need to let go of my expectation that the fun things will always be fun. At least my tree is pretty.

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