#microblogmondays First Cake Beater

IMG_7911If you’ve been around this blog for awhile you’ll know that we like to celebrate birthdays. Birthday week is a concept we’ve celebrated for a few years. Some years it’s something special each day for a week, others it might only be a couple of things. But FIRST birthdays are an especially big deal. I get the chance to be sentimental. And little boys get parties and to eat cake batter. In honor of the big day tomorrow the boys helped make the cake last night.

IMG_7905Caleb was a big fan as was his big brother. I can’t get over how different they look.

SC_cake_compareAnd the gratuitous photos of mixing a cake. More to come…

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7 thoughts on “#microblogmondays First Cake Beater

  1. I can’t get over Caleb’s cuteness!! That little video you posted was just the cutest thing. I watched it over and over. I love that you guys do a birthday week! 🙂

    Also, when I told Lids who the photos were of she said, “Oh yeah, Simon, my best friend Simon.” Only takes a couple of hours with that gal to get in the best friend book for good I guess! 🙂

  2. Love the cake beater noshing! (Oh how I still love licking the beaters; I showed my 5-year old how to do it too!) Happiest of birthdays to your boy. It’s a special one! Enjoy!

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