My fifteen minutes…

While writing this post in my head I realized that if I’ve been in NYC for 10 years, that means I’ve been working in television and film for more than that. Weird! I got my first job in television as a Schedule Director at WTIU in Bloominton, IN in February 2002. Since then I have held various roles in film and television and media production; research analyst, associate producer, production coordinator, etc… What these roles have in common is that they are all behind the scenes. I’ve never had the burning desire to be “in front of the camera” if you will.

But somehow, yesterday, I got a chance to do a professional voice record (hence quotes above as only my voice will be on screen). Part of my dissertation is an animated video teaching about the Internet. I know a guy who animates things. I read the voice over for the animatic (basically a draft of the video) and my committee strongly recommended that I do the final voice as well. And, well, you can’t argue with that.

Rob’s bosses kindly allowed us to use their studio, and the audio director agreed to do the record and edit. So my fifteen minutes of fame ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. And once I finish my dissertation, you will be able to view the video on the Internet.

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P.S. I’m going to need a website to post the video and possibly for future professional work. Any ideas for a domain name?

P.P.S. My work life sounds more glamorous than it actually is. Promise.

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  1. This is AWESOME!!! And I love your P.P.S. because before I read that I was totally thinking, “Wow! So glamorous!”… I still think so though! 😉 I am excited to see the video once it is available for public viewing. So awesome that you had access to this studio.. so fancy!

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