The Painting Game

I’ve moved on from bathroom updates to our bedroom. I can’t actually find any pictures taken specifically of our bedroom. Well there is this one, but you can’t really see the room.

I loved the red and gold when I chose it. I still like it now, but am ready for a change. And because we moved the bed to accommodate Rob’s desk, the red was on the wrong wall. Here it is after the new duvet and switching the nightstand from the window side to the door side. I have to climb over Rob or up from the foot to get in, but I have the window sill and Rob has the nightstand. Before the person on the door side had nowhere to put things (we switch sides without issue).

IMG_5217In the easy update, we moved around art and these beauties are now above the bed. The painting and the new duvet gave color inspiration. Most of the walls, including the red, are going grey – one step darker than the bathroom on the paint strip (left/bottom). The two walls by the bed are going blue/purple (3rd from left/bottom).


Because we are living in the room and don’t have a lot of space, I did the gray half this past weekend. I still need to do a second coat of white on the crown molding, but other than that I’m half way there. Oh, taking the molding from beige to white is the biggest cookie in this project, because if I paint the crown and base I have to do the door frames, and if I do the door frames then the doors and if the doors then the other side…

IMG_5409It did make us clean up the cords under the desk and I went through my bookshelf and have a stack ready to go. In the end it’s about purging and enjoying livable space.


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