Anniversary Dinner 2010

For our second anniversary we decided to keep it a little low-key.  No weekend getaway this year.
Rob sent me flowers in the morning.

Then we went out for a really nice dinner.  Once or twice a year we like to hit up some of the finer dining in NYC, and an anniversary is the perfect excuse.  This year the meal was at Jean Georges, located in Trump Tower at Central Park.  We went with the prix fix meal and it was pretty delicious.  But as we both really love desert, we got an extra one of those to share.  All of the deserts are the tasting variety, so you pick a theme and get four small deserts.  We got chocolate, garden, and strawberry.  I didn’t get a picture of us dressed up, but I did take a few of desert.

 all of our deserts
garden, with happy anniversary candles

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