Photo-a-day: March

March is always a rough month for me. If you look at the archives of the blog, March posting is always sparse. I think it has to do with the long push of the semester until spring break and being ready to be done with winter. I always have a lot of deadlines for school as spring is the conference season. When I decided to do photo-a-day it just happened to be March. But it is a reminder that I did have a good month and we did have a life.


day 1: {L is for} Leapfrog; day 2: {i made this}, day 3: a {key} in one of our favorite books; day 4: {lucky} to have a wonderful family; day 5: {under} the 7 train; day 6: my favorite purple {chair}; day 7: I {fear} there will be mistakes I didn’t catch; day 8: my {favorite} part of the day; day 9: {faceless self-portrait}; day 10: {i want…} the new cookie sheets to fit the oven (they do…barely); day 11: {important} to leave before now to pick up the kiddo; day 12: {in the distance} an old one from when I used to commute by ferry; day 13: making a silly {sound}; day 14: room service is {tasty} after a long morning of travel; day 15: went to {explore} the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo; day 16: marching at {9 o’clock}; day 17: {green}; day 18: Simon’s {shoes}; day 19: {a sign} on my way to the express bus; day 20: getting {clean}; day 21: where my sister is {working}; day 22: {about you} I am a Hoosier; day 23: {what you do for fun} have family donuts at the park; day 24: someone is growing {up}; day 25: there is nothing {in my drawer} when I’m changing from winter to spring; day 26: {something I did} was let myself off the hook and bought pre-filled eggs for the Egg Hunt; day 27: two {pair} a pair of siblings and a pair of cousins; day 28: {in the mirror} I skipped this one; day 29: getting ready for {goodnight}; day 30: sitting back to {relax} at the airport; day 31: Simon has a lot of {stuff}

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