If I can keep it up I might actually finish blogging about our summer before it’s officially fall.

IMG_2007For Rob’s birthday we got an Amazon Local deal to a Staten Island Yankees game. We packed up and took the subway to the ferry to get to the game. Minor League games are a ton of fun and really family friendly.

IMG_2011With the exception of the woman in front of us who really did not like having to share her air with our children (the rest of her group thought it was awesome that Simon was so into cheering and the 3-year-old version of trash talking). IMG_2015IMG_2017We made it through the 7th inning stretch, which was my goal, and longer than I though they’d last. The food coupons with our deal helped. And meeting the mascot. At first Simon was scared of the Holy Cow. Then the second time really excited.

IMG_2019 IMG_2027Yay for family fun.


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