11 Months

Wow! I think I say this every month, but time is flying by. Rob says just the first six months lasted forever, then time started flying. On your 10 month birthday you took two steps, and four days shy of 11 months you walked across the room. By yourself. Most of the month you used a combination of cruising and crawling to get around and a hand from Mama or Daddy when you could.

Still only two teeth, but I think the third one is popping through. As for food, nursing is primo number one. You eat really well, as long as I’m not around. With me bread is the only food eaten consistently, and usually eggs. But when your with Grandma or Daddy or at school, you eat veggies and fruit and chicken. Now that it’s summer and I’m home more, I’m going to try and push the food thing. I’m going to try and eat better for myself too. We also upgraded to a booster seat. Climbing out of the Bumbo was an accident waiting to happen. This seat you can use until you’re big. And really, you’re looking pretty big in it now.

Your favorite things to play with are all the things that are NOT FOR YOU! like the toilet, and the cabinets and the computer and the remotes and my phone. Although I have to say you can reprogram my phone with ease – it’s just that neither of us know what it all means.

I tried to baby proof the kitchen cabinets, but the way our doors are don’t allow for the child locks. I should get a toilet latch, but we’ve just been keeping the door closed. There are two cabinets we let you play in and emptying the pots and pans and the Tupperware and especially the cutting mats. I laughed the day I saw you skating across the floor on the cutting mats. As for actual toys, you still like the stacking rings and cups. This month you started figuring out how to put things in other things. You also love all things soft. Snuggling and kissing the stuffed toys is your fave – and adorable You also figured out cars and are starting to push them across the floor.

We got you a water table for your birthday, and gave it too you early because it’s been hot. You like the splashing and as you get older, I think you will love it. You really like all outside time.

You love dirt. And “helping” with Mama’s plants. But by help I mean dig in and try to eat the dirt. This new love of dirt is causing more frequent baths, which are probably needed anyway because you are losing that nice new baby smell. Your feet smell like feet!

Some days at daycare you are so engrossed in figuring out how a certain toy works that you barely look up when I get there. Daycare is great. You are thriving and have your friends and teachers. You are so observant taking in everything that’s going on around you. And cautious and fearless at the same time. You get your fair share of bumps and bruises, but are striving to be so independent.

Sleep is going well. Bedtime is between 8:00 – 9:30 then a wake-up around 5:00.  Five is early, but a reasonable wake-up time for many people, and you generally nurse and go back to sleep until after 7. Naps are hit and miss, but we’ve dealt with it this long, I think that’s just how it is.

One more month baby boy and you will be a whole year. And at that point I think we can safely say – a toddler.

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  1. Charlie and Simon will have so much fun in 2 WEEKS!! They kinda look alike, actually, with the light hair and eyes. I guess they don’t take after us much, huh? 🙂

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